About Us

Dear all,

               I have made this website to advertise earning opportunities which can help one earn a lot of money and become financially independent. I myself signed up with some programs which help me earn a lot. I want to share my experience with others. this site also has a lot of information about making a good quality website, attract people to the website, submit website to search engines etc. They will find a lot of information in the subsequent pages of the site. I also want to tell you that I have some policies and programs and I want people to follow the instructions below to participate in programs here. They are as follows: 1. Showing of pornographic videos, pictures, scenes etc. are not allowed. 2. Offensive contents to heart people is not allowed. 3. Hate speeches, hearting religious sentiments of people is not allowed. 4. Showing of counterfeit goods is not allowed. Hope people will find something useful in the site. Yours Sincerely, A. Alim Administrator

Name of the Organization: ENVO BPO, GUWAHATI. 

Company Profile of the Organization:


ENVO BPO, GUWAHATI is an outsourcing contact center formed by a group of  professionals based in Guwahati, Assam, India.

Works  in the following fields:

Home Jobs:

  • Home jobs i.e. Surfing jobs, view ads type of jobs, perform some simple steps to earn type of jobs etc.

Water and Waste Water Treatment:

  • Provide iron filter, fluoride & Arsenic filter
  • Consultancy for Water and Waste Water Treatment

Data Processing:

  • Data Entry Services/ Data processing services
  • Data Conversion services

Online research And Marketing

  • Product research, Market Research, Mailing list research
  • New Business Promotion 

Form Processing:

·         Online form Processing

·         Medical form/ Medical Billing

  I have made this Website  for advertising, chatting, making friends and sharing of ideas with others.